Friday, September 26, 2008

Photos from the inside of the Clinton Global Initiative, in New York

The picture above shows the president Clinton with senator John McCain

The picture above is Senator Barack Obama, who join in via satellite

The picture above is the audience and the setting of the Clinton Global Initiative

This past Thursday, September 25th, we tried to get into the Clinton Global Initiative, that was happening at the Sheraton Hotel, in New York. We were a little too late too get press credential, we decided to get interviews with press professionals there were on break, outside the the event.

A few did not want to collaborate with information, but other people helped us out showing their faces and opinions about what they had seen inside the Clinton Global Initiative. The pictures bellow were giving to use from a professional photographer who wanted to collaborate with bloggers and new medias.

We also found a nice story on the corner: NorthWest and Delta were having a protest across from the Clinton event. We where able to get a great story and help showcase a great cause like Unions and workers rights. The material can be seen in our blog Hello IgnoRants.


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