Monday, March 16, 2009

Airplane Engine Blows Up Over Varsity Plumbing And Heating In Flushing Queens NY

I was at my daily day grind I pulled up to Durantes to finish my day. I saw all the news vans and crews there. asking what happened I was told that airplane had lost an engine when it blew into many pieces big and small. I pulled the flip out and stared the report you are about to see.

The Story quickly lead me to Varsity Plumbing And Heating in flushing queens NY.

There covered in mud from that days work I entered the building to get the story that big media was already covering. I with confidence introduced myself to the front office who lead me to the back office. This is where I heard big media planing to go to the roof. Then it happened a man named Rick Bellini was taking them up he is one of the owners. He said yea sure and we were on our way.

I then meet with the president of the Varsity Heating and Plumbing and interviewed Robert Bellini who took the time to sit down for a one on one.

The video below is a Citizen Journalism report on the airplane that's engine blew up over Flushing NY ,Varsity Plumbing and Heating

Friday, February 6, 2009

Talented New York City Artist Named Billy Grillman

Picture above, called Blue Wilderness is a Copyright of Billy Grillman.

I know a guy name Bill who has amazing talent. He is now trying to do what he loves most art. Work is lame it pays but leave a void in Bill's soul. There is a path all of use take in life. It's called work it help you live in a buy off time for money. The time taken away from things you truly love in life like Art.

Billy is on fire he loves art it is his passion and is now letting his art drive his love for art into a life style he can enjoy.

If you need Bill for art work, logos, and cover art contact him at

Billy is a creative artist who's time has come.