Friday, December 26, 2008

Duracell Power Lodge Times Square NYC 2008

Check this out Steets Journalism went to the Duracell Power Lodge. We got a tour of the place and even got to see where the energy was being stored for the lighting of the Welcome to 2009 sign that will be powered by all the visitors that use the snowmobile bikes in the Lodge. This is a good idea and it is a nice time for the family to be part of the New Years Eve party in such a nice way to save energy. Below is a video of the Duracell Lodge on our visit to Times Square. Please enjoy the video.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Permanent New Years Eve ball For Times Square NYC 2008

A Permanent New Years Eve Ball will be placed in times square for the world to see year round starting this year 2008. This is really a great idea who's time has come. The ball will change patterns,colors,images, and will be in a place that marks the spot where the ball drops for the world to see year round as the come to NYC to visit. That to me is what makes this idea so good. Maybe with the money on tourism to be made the city will not have to put up those proposed tolls for the bridges or the MTA fare hike. Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen. In the meantime this year might be a good time to be at the ball drop.
New permanent New Years Eve Ball video

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also great reading is from Timessquarenyc The history of New Years Eve In Times Square

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NYPD School Safety Officer abusing the Handicapped

Here is a video of a NYPD School safety officer who decided to park in a handicapped spot to go order her lunch. one more case of abuse of power. When I got her on tape she told me she would arrest me. One more case of power abuse by NY officials.

The video below is of the NYPD School Safety officer who thought she would not care about the handicapped just plain rude.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

NYC MTA Rail system is falling apart

The NYC MTA is falling apart at many stations and is in need of some real repairs before it's to late and someone gets hurt. In this video you will see the J train line on Crescent Street in Brooklyn NY. the second part is the same line but a repair that shows there is a bigger problem possibly on that line.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Photos from the inside of the Clinton Global Initiative, in New York

The picture above shows the president Clinton with senator John McCain

The picture above is Senator Barack Obama, who join in via satellite

The picture above is the audience and the setting of the Clinton Global Initiative

This past Thursday, September 25th, we tried to get into the Clinton Global Initiative, that was happening at the Sheraton Hotel, in New York. We were a little too late too get press credential, we decided to get interviews with press professionals there were on break, outside the the event.

A few did not want to collaborate with information, but other people helped us out showing their faces and opinions about what they had seen inside the Clinton Global Initiative. The pictures bellow were giving to use from a professional photographer who wanted to collaborate with bloggers and new medias.

We also found a nice story on the corner: NorthWest and Delta were having a protest across from the Clinton event. We where able to get a great story and help showcase a great cause like Unions and workers rights. The material can be seen in our blog Hello IgnoRants.

Super Rich Hacking Away At Unions One Airline At A Time

Northwest And Delta Merger Protest In NYC September 25Th 2008 on seventh Ave between 52ND and 51st street. We happened upon this protest and found it to be a great cause to showcase as Street Journalist. So we jumped right in to help their story be heard there were news truck all over the place but they where all busy covering the Clinton Global Initiative. That might be what shapes this type of Niche is the ability to cover the stories that get over looked on heavy news cycle days. Finding them may mean a little research and some bit of luck. But with luck it a numbers game the more you go out to get stories the more you will get.

The above video is from the Northwest Delta Merger protest in NYC September 25th Between 52nd and 51st on 7th Ave.

Please comeback for more Street News like the crumbling MTA system in NYC also visit helloignorants for MTA finding and videos.